It's great news you're considering studying at the School of Faith! We use online forms for all course applications and reference submissions. Just follow the steps below, taking note of the dates and remember to practice diligence to ensure you get your application form and reference forms in before the due dates. 

Step 1
You'll need to create a username to complete the application form. This also allows you to save your progress if you need to finish at a later stage. The form takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is made up of the below 13 sections:

1. Personal Information
2. Citizenship and Language Proficiency
3. Education
4. Employment
5. Finances
6. Family (including Emergency Contact)
7. Health
8. Revivalist Lifestyle
9. Spiritual History
10. SOF and You
11. Student Photo (passport-style upload)
12. References (Personal and Pastoral - you will need contact details and email addresses of two referees)
13. Application Fee ($49 non-refundable - payable by credit card)

Step 2
Your referees will be sent an email to complete the online reference form on your behalf. This must also have occurred by the closing date for applications. You will receive an email informing you when your referee has completed the form. If you are not notified two weeks after your application that your referee has completed the form we suggest you follow up your referee. 

Step 3
You'll be contacted to arrange a time for a phone interview (allow approximately 1 hour) by one of our friendly Admissions Team.

Step 4
You're done! The School will endeavour to get back to you within 1 month of submitting your application. We'll contact you via phone and/or email to let you know any information and updates. 

Applications close 15th February, 2017

School begins Monday 27th February, 2017