Supernatural Ministry School

by Bethel School Planting, Redding, California.

MELBOURNE • Australia

Nothing satisfies like knowing our Heavenly Father and walking in intimate connection with Him. We're training revivalists across Australiasia to demonstrate the power and love of God in our world, and we would love to have you join us in our mission! Study on campus or online (with intensives).

At School you’ll be immersed in the teachings of Bethel Church. You'll catch Kingdom Culture - honour, love, bold faith that takes risks - and come alive to your unique call.

You'll study revival subjects to get you activated and learn to display the power and love Jesus did from your first day. You'll learn Identity in Christ, Gifts of the Spirit (healing, prophecy...), Supernatural Evangelism, Bible Survey, History of Revival and more. You'll be activated to live out what you're reading in the Bible, become grounded in biblical truth, and most importantly develop intimacy with our Heavenly Father. 

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Part Time

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