Prepare to be immersed in School culture… 

There’s cross-fit training at 8:30am. It’s an optional part of the curriculum to teach mastery of body. Beware, some of the more outgoing students will try to convince you ‘buff-ness’ is one of their spiritual gifts.

Push-up man

School starts at 10:00am for full-time students, the band starts worship and everyone gathers to praise in God’s presence. God often moves when His people praise, so worship is a culture we build at School. By 11:00am, morning classes start, and an instructor from the School or a guest speaker will teach to reveal more of God and His Kingdom. By 12:30pm it’s lunchtime, and everyone breaks for a quick bite.

By 1:00pm, afternoon classes begin, which are usually practical workshops. Students learn to prophesy, worship lead, study the scriptures, learn a language, practice how to influence people, or even skills like critical thinking. These sessions are great for building confidence, so when you graduate you've already been using the skills you need in life after School. 

Ministry and mentoring also happen in the afternoon sessions on different days of the week. Students may head out into the community to minister, man healing rooms, or have a session with a revival group or mentor to hone skills for influencing our spheres.

Official classes finish at 3:00pm.

After classes, some students will head off to part-time jobs. There’s about an hour of reading and homework each night, but plenty of time to work in the afternoon or evening. Sometimes there are also extra ministry opportunities in the evenings for students as well.

Evenings on campus are more casual, where students can come together to play sport, hang out, or seek more of God. The School is open to students almost always, so it’s fine for students to gather and hang-out. There’s also a requirement to spend a certain amount of time in God’s presence praying, so some nights students may informally come together to pray, and some nights people may pray on their own in the prayer room. Once a week there is typically an evening class for the full-time students, allowing for a dinner together, treasure hunts and other ministry opportunities. 

Students are also encouraged to live a supernatural lifestyle, so students may head out in groups when shopping for groceries and be led by the Holy Spirit to pray for people as they go.

Evening classes for part-time students begin at 6:30pm and run until 9:30pm two nights a week, and every second Saturday 9am-5pm. There is crossover between some of the full-time night classes and part-time classes so everyone gets to work together. 

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