See an example of how the School enhances a student’s journey…

Kristy has a passion for writing. She wrote some short stories in school and got great encouragement from her English teacher to pursue writing further. But Kristy feels a tug from the Holy Spirit and wants to serve God. She isn’t sure what to do.

Kristy decides to join the School for a year. During the year she develops a deep intimacy with Jesus. She learns who she is as a daughter of God and how much God loves His children. Kristy develops confidence to pray for healing for her sister who is sick and her sister gets healed! The healing is a testimony to Kristy’s family who start asking questions about Jesus. Kristy’s non-Christian friends are starting to wonder what makes Kristy different as she has a joy and peace that affect those who talk to her.

Kristy also learns how to apply faith to her writing and knows God wants her to succeed. Kristy’s instructors at the School encourage Kristy to develop her writing gift and Kristy starts applying for writing courses after her School year. School mentors help Kristy to develop life skills for how to best study, how to manage her time and develop discipline in writing. Kristy writes short stories during her time, which are much loved by School students. Kristy’s School mentor then helps Kristy map out how to be successful after she completes her writing course. Will she write books, or screenplays for TV, or will she teach? How will she break into the industry? Kristy decides at present she is passionate about writing novels and wants her first work to be a fantasy novel that tells a story of unrelenting love – it will beautifully paint a picture for people of the love Jesus has for the world.

Kristy tells her friends about her plan and they decide to do the journey together. Kristy’s friend Lara will read the manuscript and give her feedback. Mike loves graphics and will do the cover. Tim and his wife have Kristy over regularly for dinner and pray for her so when times get tough Kristy is covered. All her friends give her ideas how she can express God’s love through writing.

Kristy got her confidence to write from knowing she and God are walking this out together and He’s behind her every step of the way. Kristy learned how to influence her readers to reveal God’s Kingdom, has faith for a publisher, and strength of character to endure hard times before she’s well known, and isn’t undone when fame comes upon her.

Kristy is fruitful in her call, shining, and pursuing what she loves. She’s a great example of walking out the abundant life that Jesus offers.

The School will guide you to practically master your gifts and support you in the next step to walking in your call.