Is The School Of Faith For Me?

We believe there is nothing else in life like knowing your Heavenly Father! For us, walking with God is the only thing that truly satisfies, and through faith He makes our endeavors successful. You were made to be glorious the day God created you - the day He chose to make a son or daughter. If that stirs your spirit, then come realise your potential and become everything God made you to be. 

The School of Faith takes students of all ages, aiming to raise you into your call. So if you feel like you aren’t walking in your calling yet, or you want to pursue more of what God has for you, or learn to operate as a supernatural son or daughter, then School is the right place for you. 

Our Students

School of Faith students love pursuing more of God and His presence, are willing to diligently seek, to get outside their comfort zones, and be bold in taking risks. You'll hear a lot of joy and laughter on campus as students celebrate everything the Holy Spirit is filling them with. People dance, love music, love sport and love one another. Truly a Heavenly atmosphere!

Students also work diligently throughout the year at their studies, in worship and prayer, and in practical exercises to further develop their skills. Whilst attending the School is often an amazing time journeying with extraordinary people, it is not an easy year. Students expecting a contemplative year on the couch socializing with friends will be disappointed. We honour each other when we give our best, adding to the community of the School, and this is a standard all students must uphold to continue study.

Life Goals

The School welcomes people who don't plan on entering traditional ministry at the end of study just as much as those seeking to be pastors or church planters. In the Bible, Paul lists many gifts from God, but he's never trying to create a comprehensive list. In truth, God gives many more gifts such as musicians, artists, software engineers, those curious about sciences, those who understand complex mathematics - and the body of Christ is represented fully when these gifts are honoured and developed. The supernatural applies as much to ministry as it does to music and medicine.  So whether you’re a full-time mum or studying politics, the School welcomes you if you seek more of God’s presence in what you do.


Financial diligence demonstrates good stewardship and the School expects both diligence and faith to be applied when considering financial costs of study.

If attending the School excites your spirit, we encourage you to seek God in prayer. If you feel a peace or if you feel God leading you to study, then respond in faith and take action to apply. Then trust that as you seek, God will provide. This may be through a part-time job, saving money before study, partnership with others or other means. The School has a payment plan to aid students consisting of four installments throughout the year.

Students will also have enough time to work part-time whilst studying.

Students are also encouraged to tell people about their financial needs, so a student’s local church community and others can partner with them to release students to study.

Life Stage

School students can range from secondary-school leavers, and those of university age, to married couples and empty-nesters looking to give more time to study or ministry. The School is a great place to bring together generations to learn from each other and build unity across age ranges, creating great strength and diversity.

Whilst the School tends to suggest students be over 18 when commencing study, we do accept applications from anyone older than 17.

Faith Background

The School expects you are presently part of a church community, but the School is non-denominational, so all denominations are welcome to attend.

Whilst instructors at the School will lay a foundation for faith and who we are in Christ, School training is mostly suited to those who are already walking out a journey of discovery with God. Whilst those who have recently accepted Jesus can apply, extra study may be required to come up to speed with other students.

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