"We're training revivalists to be effective by supernaturally revealing the Kingdom of God, and bringing people into an encounter with Jesus that shifts the way people live their lives." 

- Tristan Conway


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OU were made to carry the presence of God. You were made to make a difference. The good news is you've got passions for a reason, and God's waiting to walk them out with you in His power. 

We believe you were made glorious the day God created you and the body of Christ becomes most glorious when we all excel in the area God has called us to. The School of Faith is a place where, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and instructors, you’ll learn more about Jesus and God's love, how to practically work your faith, demonstrate the supernatural, and be released as we minister to Melbourne and our nation. Then when you graduate you'll partner with others to influence your sphere, whatever that sphere may be.

If it’s impossible to please God without faith, faith must be applicable to everything we do

Faith (n) :

A substance of supernatural power, demonstrated by acting on what you know but cannot see, that empowers change, success and abundant life.


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At School, instructors, mentors or 'Spiritual Fathers and Mothers' help us to apply what we know, plus learn more, to raise us into our callings.

"If we will only believe, and trust that God has already made us glorious, we will boldly shine as His sons and daughters, walking with His Holy Spirit, and the world can't help but be a changed place." 

We believe people fare far better when developing if they have good teachers and our heart is that everyone has someone to help see them through preparation for walking in their call – whatever that call may be. So at the School of Faith, instructors, mentors or 'Spiritual Fathers and Mothers' are raising up men and women of faith in the natural and supernatural combined, to practically influence every area of society. We believe these Fathers and Mothers of the faith give us the confidence to step out into new things as well as a safety net that keeps us secure while we learn. So the School of Faith combines an atmosphere that helps people discover the call on their lives, train in the supernatural, learn practical tips and hard lessons from previous generations, and prepare for their life's mission. Know this - Jesus sent out people in twos, so we're training a movement of people to partner together to change cities and nations - and unity commands a blessing!"

John 14:12

Whoever believes in me...will do even greater things.

Mark 16:17-28

And these signs shall follow them that believe...

Matthew 19:26

...With God all things are possible.

Mark 11:23

Say to this mountain be removed...and it shall be