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The First Year course is comprised of lectures, practical tutorials, experiences, mentoring, and outreach that culminates in a missions trip. The course can be studied as a full-time course during weekdays, part-time during evenings and some weekends, or fully online.

In First Year you'll discover and unlock what is already true in you. You were made glorious from your first moment, many of us were just never told! As Jesus restored everything to you on the cross we know the battle is now for the mind to activate what we already have. First Year will demonstrate who you are and what is already yours, and give you experience in taking hold of your inheritance and putting it into use.

The course will bring a greater intimacy with God, activate and grow faith, practically demonstrate supernatural ministry, as well as give you natural skills like administration for ministry, emotional IQ, diligence and leadership. You'll also understand how intimacy with God applies in society today as we influence our modern community. So whether you’re an apostle or doctor, the School of Faith will help will get you there.

Please note: This is not intended to be your last year of study in life, this will be your first year of walking intimately with God into your call for the rest of your life.




The course is full-time, running 5 days a week from 10am – 3pm, which equates to 22.5 contact hours per week. The course can also be studied part-time, on evenings and weekends, and fully online study is also available. We think you’ll also get as much from the atmosphere and life with other students as you do from in-class teaching, as what you do outside of class teaches you just as much as class time. We employ a 'teach, discover, practice' philosophy, which means there are multiple ways you'll develop, and as you seek, the chief instructor on campus, the Holy Spirit, will reveal more to you. 

Alongside face-to-face in-class teaching and learning, there will be weekly ministry opportunities, and each year level will have the chance to participate in a mission. Students may choose to go on a local trip or an overseas trip to practice all that they have learned. 

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Our booklist covers histories of the lives of those who have moved in great signs and wonders in the past, strong teaching from the present, and foundational works that we consider are a spiritual inheritance written down by those who have come before us. 

Your tutors are a combination of those who hold five-fold ministry offices, Bethel alumni, guest speakers and BSSM staff via prepared video. Your tutors are all presently ministering in areas they are instructing, with experience in practical supernatural living. 

Discover costs associated with studying First Year as well as links to the School's policy on combining faith with diligence. 

If you’re ready to apply, visit here for application details and important dates! 


Please Note: 2017 is the first year this course will be run as a full-time offering. 

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