We’ve received your application for enrolment.

Our applications team will get back to you with an outcome, usually within the next 14 days. We’ll send you a letter via email.

First Books

These are the 2 books you’ll need in your first week of school. Your full booklist will arrive in your welcome pack after your enrolment has been processed and approved. If you’ve joined school close to the start date, you may not get your welcome pack in time to order your books for the first day. Here are the details of your first 2 books if you’d like to find and buy them sooner. Popular booksellers are Koorong, Word, and other online stores such as Book Depository.

When Heaven Invades Earth Image.jpeg

1. When Heaven Invades Earth (2005) - Bill Johnson
ISBN: 9780768429527
Begin reading Week 1

Supernatural Ways of Royalty Workbook Image.jpeg

2. Basic Training for the Supernatural Ways of Royalty (2008) - Kris Vallotton
ISBN: 9780768427158
Begin working through on Week 1

We’re excited to meet you! And excited for all God has for us this year! Bless you!