Welcome To The School of Faith

We’re excited you’re running with us this year at the School of Faith! We’re in for an amazing year with God!

Access this page to complete your orientation or book a call with your SOF team member.


Begin Your Orientation

Begin by receiving an orientation email. This is an example of the weekly email you receive granting access to your weekly resources.

If for some reason you can’t access your email, you’ll find a copy of the email and tasks at the bottom of this page. Scroll down further to view the orientation email.

If you get stuck…

If you’re having a challenge completing your orientation, you can book a call with a team member to complete orientation together.

(Scroll down to view a copy of the orientation email if you can’t access your personal email)

orientation email copy


This is an example email to help you get accustomed to studying at SOF.  

Google Drive

Each week you'll receive an email updating you on what's happening in School. You'll also receive a link like the one below to gain access to your weekly materials. Click below to access Week 1.



  • Remember you can access materials via your weekly email and also via “Shared with me” on the left side after logging into Google Drive

  • You don’t have to use a Gmail email address - you can register your normal email

A Guide To Study

It may take you a couple of weeks to feel comfortable with study. Use these tips below to make sure you know what’s required.


  • Run through your weekly checklist - it’s your anchor.

  • Stay up to date - lectures are available for 1 Term only

  • Your weekly email will contain updates that are important. Even if you fall behind make sure you keep reading your emails.

  • Check you understand the requirements of the course in the image below:


Hub groups are very important at SOF. They are the people around us who spur us on to be bold and sharpen us. SOF has a strong unity focus. Everyone will have a hub group for practical classes.

  • Classes are conducted online via Zoom, or physically Face-to-Face at a hub location

  • For online Zoom Revival Groups you’ll be sent an email in the morning instructing you on how to join

  • 90% attendance compulsory whether you are online or face-to-face

Online Zoom Classroom

We regularly have online classes. Some students will participate in these fortnightly, others once a term. Click below to join an online classroom.



  • Turn your camera on, and make sure your sound is muted

  • Jump in and add your thoughts when we have discussions!

Facebook Groups

We use Facebook groups to share things that are happening in and around school - feel free to post!


  • Request access from SOF Students 2019 (search in Facebook search bar or click the link below).



In a school environment, students typically find out information from classmates just as much as staff. Make sure you are checking your emails as well as looking out for fellow classmates so everyone knows what’s going on.


Ordering Books

Your booklist arrived in your Welcome Pack. Make sure you order your books early so you have them for when you need them.


  • Best places are Koorong, Word or places like Book Depository - you can order online

  • Your welcome pack has a booklist with ISBNs and pictures of books

  • Order 4 weeks in advance so you’ve got your book when you need it


Some students will have paid upfront and others are on a payment plan. We spend money on a student’s behalf when we confirm their enrolment, so now you’ve been enrolled to study you’ll need to ensure you complete your payments in full. If for any reason you need to defer to next year you may, but you must complete your payments this year. 

  • $40 (Australia) $35 (New Zealand) per week

  • Stay current and reach out if you need help - our Finance team love standing in faith with you.


The Intensives are a great opportunity to come together to put our faith into practice and learn from some great instructors.


  • Attending 2 intensives is mandatory in order to graduate

  • If you miss one, attend one in another state, or you can attend one next year (you can’t miss more than 1 in a row)


Aug 16 6pm-Aug 18 5pm


Aug 20-22nd 6pm-10pm


Aug 13-15th 6pm-10pm


Aug 9 6pm-Aug 11 5pm


Apr 26th 6pm-28th 5pm


Aug 5-7th - 6pm-10pm

Administration Form

Your administration form will ensure you’re set up and ready to study from Day 1. Follow the form

  • Here is the link to complete your administration form if you haven’t already done so. 


Let’s Pray! 

We look forward to meeting you!

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New Students Team

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