Compassion is key to seeing miracles. You’ll notice in the Bible, Jesus often healed individuals, but when the Bible lists Jesus was moved by compassion, whole crowds got healed – and here’s why…

Unbelief is the root cause of sickness and duress. Unbelief is doubt in God’s goodness, who He is and that He exists. It comes into your heart you just by walking through life – disappointment, seeing traumas… It questions that God cares for us or has our best at heart. When people have unbelief it’s very hard to get them well, unbelief actually compounds the sickness in one’s life. Unbelief is the original sin listed in the Bible, and saddens God’s heart because it says “I don’t trust you.”

However, great news! Compassion overrides unbelief. Here’s how to get people free: John says if you retain the sins of any, I retain them. If you forgive, I forgive. Compassion says I don’t care what you’re struggling to believe, I love you! When we retain the sin of unbelief in someone’s life we stop healing from flowing. You retain it simply by not stirring up enough compassion. When we stir up compassion for them, we overlook their unbelief, forgiving it, loving over it, and the strength of our trust in God overrides their worry/doubt in God. But you can’t just simply pray for someone, you must stir up a love and compassion for them that you genuinely feel, and that releases in you a faith that overrides their unbelief.

Sometimes we may think sickness is their fault, or if they had ‘more faith’ they’d see healing, or that they’re not living a Godly life and have opened the door to sickness. The truth of God’s heart is this – ‘No matter what you’ve done, or who you are, I didn’t make you to carry sickness in your body. I love you and value you as you are right now. Receive your healing son or daughter.’ (People who get healed and encounter God often change their lifestyles anyway! You demonstrate a new way of living through your love!)

I stir compassion by standing with someone saying over them, “Lord, this is my brother, my father, my mother, my sister…”, and I allow myself to feel a love for them. I quickly see God’s heart and release His miracle into their life, and people get healed.

Whenever you want to know how to act in a situation, or what word to bring, simply stir compassion. Smith Wigglesworth used to say “If the Spirit isn’t moving, I will move the Spirit”, and God is moved by compassion and bold action (faith). In fact that’s where I learned this. Smith’s equation: Bold Faith + Compassion = Miracles.  Stir up compassion and you’ll fuel your faith and see miracles. Remember, your faith moves mountains. Blessings!