When people pay the price to build and establish a place where Heaven is released on Earth, others can step in without having to pay the price themselves. They enjoy the benefit of Heaven on Earth, without having to pay the price to see it established. 

Like Nehemiah who re-built the wall around Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3), when you sacrifice to establish a place where God is honoured, when you build walls of prayer, fasting and celebrating God, people can step through the gate into the city and enjoy the protection of the walls without having to build them themselves. Those who choose not to enter "have no claim or historic right to it" (Nehemiah 2:20), but you, have available to you the inheritance of that Kingdom.

Inside the walls, the influence and reign of the King exist. People sit and rest under that influence. Healing, joy and provision flow into their lives because they have entered into the King’s domain. People sacrificed to build the protected city where God is celebrated, but others can enter the city and enjoy the freedom established without having to pay a price. 

School is a place of Kingdom influence. Those gone before you have paid a price to build and those who enter in receive the benefit. We welcome you to step through the gates.