Standard Enrolment


The School attempts to make study as accessible to everyone as possible, so we have a range of payment options available.

Please Note: Your application fee will be charged today, but full payments or payment plans won’t commence until on or after January 6th.

Please select a tuition payment option.

Standard Tuition Fees

  • $30 application fee, then if accepted…

  • $40 Weekly tuition plan (totalling $2,320)


    Upfront tuition payment of $2,150 (save $170)

Extended Plan

If you’re still contending for financial breakthrough, and are looking to make the course part of your journey towards breakthrough, the School at it’s discretion may approve an extended payment plan. This allows a student to pay tuition over 2 years.

If you select this option, your payments will commence and continue as soon as your application has been approved.