The following subjects are foundation subjects designed by Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton. Delivery may be a face-to-face lesson by an Australian Instructor teaching lessons written by Bill or Kris, additional lessons prepared by Australian Instructors, or a video lesson recorded by Bill or Kris sent out to schools partnering with BSSM. 

Identity in Christ

Students will learn the biblical foundation of a believer’s identity in Christ. They will be taught how to lead lifestyles that reflect their identities as servants, children and trusted friends of the Lord called to partner with Him in natural and supernatural ways. Students will discover how to develop a belief system that is rooted in kingdom principles. The curriculum also teaches students how to draw from the revelation of their true identities in Christ and help others connect to God and fulfill their callings.

Kingdom Culture

Students will learn the biblical model for a culture of honour and how it invites the fruit of the supernatural into an environment. They will discover how kingdom culture sustains revival and facilitates the plans of Heaven to restore individuals, cities and nations. The curriculum also provides messages on the power of declarations and how to partner with Heaven.


Students will learn powerful tools to encounter God in the Word. They will be taught how to apply biblical truths through their relationships with the Holy Spirit. Students will discover the Father’s loving nature toward humanity through a survey of the Old and New Testament. They will also hear biblical teachings about the deity and humanity of Christ, the person and fruit of the Holy Spirit, the return of the Lord and more.

Essential Truths of Christianity

Students will learn about the redemptive work of Christ on the cross that has freed believers from lifestyles of sin, lies, sickness and torment. They will be taught that Jesus came to not only forgive sin, but also came to clothe believers in righteousness and free them from the power of the enemy. Students will hear messages about how to live from the victory of the cross to see restoration in individuals, communities and nations. The curriculum also includes teaching on the goodness of God, forgiveness, healing, prosperity of the mind, body and soul.

The History of Revival

Students will learn about the history of revival and how men and women have been used to ignite moves of God around the world. They will discover the spiritual legacies of former and present revivalists and how to build upon spiritual breakthroughs. Students will experience greater levels of the supernatural in their lives by valuing the testimonies of miracles, signs and wonders. They will also hear messages on the value of impartation and how to prevent roadblocks to revival.

The Gifts of the Spirit

Students will learn about the biblical purpose and foundation of the gifts of the Spirit. They will discover how to partner with the Holy Spirit to minister the gifts in ways that reveal the goodness of God and bring Heaven’s solutions to earthly problems. The curriculum also provides teaching and activation of words of knowledge, the prophetic, healing and more.

Supernatural Lifestyle

Students will learn how to naturally live a supernatural lifestyle to release Heaven on the earth. With Jesus as the model for life and ministry, they will discover how to pray and minister to others with love and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Students will be taught how to demonstrate the supernatural in ways that lead people and nations into encounters with God. Through the curriculum, students will also be equipped with tools of evangelism.


Students will learn how to cultivate healthy relationships based on kingdom principles. They will discover how to build healthy families and thriving communities that reflect Heaven’s relational government. Students will learn how God’s grace empowers believers to live in purity and holiness. The curriculum also covers messages on dating, marriage and healthy communication.

Inner Healing & Deliverance Ministry

Students will learn how to target and uproot the things that hinder connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They will discover inner healing and deliverance tools that will help them live free from bondage in order to fully pursue their destiny. Through the curriculum, they will also hear messages on how to help others step into freedom and intimacy with God. 


The "School of Faith/Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry" Combination

"A real richness is added to First Year through guest speakers. Because BSSM has already packaged the foundational teaching of First Year for us, in Melbourne we're in a special position to focus much more on specialist guest content, demonstrating and empowering how to walk out the supernatural in your life.'

School of Faith subjects are a combination of foundation subjects and specialist subjects just like at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. Only in Melbourne, you’ve got access to unique Australian instructors as well. That means an enhanced First Year for Aussies, with more unique training, extra subjects, and another layer of richness at the Melbourne School of Faith. Australian instructors are able to pass on specialist knowledge and experience, mentor and coach you in different areas including culture, and train you to excel so you’re more prepared upon graduation. 

We also adopt a 'spirit, soul, body' approach to our courses, working to instruct students in all three areas to ensure we're spiritually, emotionally and physically fit to walk in our callings for many years to come. The School of Faith uses extra curricular activities such as cross-fit training, martial arts, 'sozo' prayer ministry, creative arts, entrepreneurship and more to give you the opportunity to develop in each area. These activities are offered in addition to the above-listed subjects to create well-rounded graduates who are prepared to excel after study. Post-graduation is an area BSSM has been focussing on recently, and in Melbourne we've been able to build this focus into the course to offer emphasis on 'what will I launch into after graduation' from Day 1. 


We use two streams at School to dig deep into two different focus areas. This structure enables enhanced learning for people at different life stages and maturity levels. We allocate special times for you to come together with your stream to receive teaching specific to your focus. 

Going Deeper

'Going Deeper' subjects are geared towards students who feel God's call on their lives and are looking to pursue Him further. Subjects are intended to take students into deeper intimacy with Him, to further grow and develop gifts and help students be released into their area of ministry.

Establishing My Call

'Establishing My Call' subjects are geared towards secondary school leavers, those who wish to explore Gods call on their life, and possible directions in which they can best serve Him in the future. This course will help expose gifts in you and teach and train students to operate in greater power. Students will also be mentored to uncover their passions for future pathways, without the added stress and pressures that come from examinations in Year 12.


This list of subjects is an example of topics considered for the First Year course. This serves as a guide, and is subject to change based on the needs of the current year's students, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our year is divided into two semesters but there is no set schedule to when subjects will be taught, and they may run for any length of time. 

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