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The School believes the body of Christ is represented best when all God’s gifts are developed fully. This includes gifts such as leadership and administration, healing and prophecy, apostles and prophets, as well as those who understand complex mathematics, those curious about sciences or politics or law, artists, dancers and more. At the School of Faith you’ll learn that if it’s impossible to please God without faith, then faith is applicable to every job we do.

We believe that each student is unique and so needs flexibility in how they develop at the School. We have created an approach that gives guidance and empowers, but is flexible enough to cater for different callings. We look to develop 7 pillars during a student’s time at the School:


Life After School - Partnership Is Key

Maturing into your call is ultimately a life’s work and the key to success is partnership. Studying First Year at School isn't designed to be your last year of study, but the first year of diligently pursuing your call, and you’ll need support as you pursue your dreams. The School trains students to form relationships in school, so upon graduation, students leave to pursue their calls in partnership with each other and previous years’ alumni. Jesus sent disciples out in twos, and the School believes if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.

See What Will Study Launch Me Into? for examples of our philosophy in action. 

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