What Sets The School Of Faith Apart

The School of Faith is an environment where we don't just study supernatural ministry, we live a supernatural lifestyle. We are releasing a new generation of believers who don’t judge the world, but love it as Jesus did, and who are equipped to come alongside it to demonstrate and reveal God. We emphasise being in the world but not of it, and ‘spitting out the bones’ - to not accept what is ungodly, but to celebrate what is excellent. We use influence like Jesus (bold, tender, powerful) to bring cities back home. 

Worship Culture

At the School, students put Jesus at the centre. Knowing Him, His compassion and His power are our primary goals. Worship is a key activity in our daily school lives, and as we worship we break through into new realms of intimacy with God, joy and freedom. We become like the one we worship, so we spend a lot of time worshipping to become like Him. Worship honours the Holy Spirit and creates room for Him to move and touch us as we allow Him to lead. We steward an honour-driven, faith-filled environment of worship to host extra-ordinary manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Our worship also extends into obedience to His leading and His Word in our lives. 

Atmosphere - Faith in Action

Our people practice living faith and that means action. At School students have a safe place to practice and extend their faith. In the words of Oswald Chambers "faith is spelled R-I-S-K", so the School creates an environment where you are encouraged to take risks to deepen your faith whilst covered by the safety-net of instructors during class time and ministry opportunities. The faith-filled environment makes you believe nothing is impossible, so students respond boldly by learning something one day and taking action the next, practicing and applying what they learned to life now – and we all benefit as they bring God’s Kingdom. 

The School teaches bringing God’s Kingdom to Earth as it is in Heaven, so you’ll find a lot of people helping to create a slice of paradise here on Earth.

Father Heart

At School, spiritual Fathers or mentors give us the confidence to try new things and break new ground. They encourage us to go where we haven't been before. God designed family so we would have older generations to raise us into maturity - we naturally and supernaturally start as children and grow into our calling. The School of Faith burns bright for this reason - to get behind a generation of God’s children who shine with His glory inside them. And we think you’ll feel at home in the School of Faith family.

Our School is built on apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists, and people called to practically equip the saints as spiritual parents. Our instructors also teach in areas they are operating in right now. The School was established by people who themselves have studied, either at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry or other such institutions, and who understand your journey. So your tutors are committed to your success and equipped to help get you there. 


The School takes great care in knowing each student, and is equipped to offer you tailored guidance to empower you to step into the unique call God has for your life. You'll also find a cohort of like-minded students, enthusiastically seeking more of Jesus alongside you - friendships we hope you will continue in for many years to come. 

"We believe that students come to School for instruction, but stay for the heart."

Kingdom Culture

The School embraces Kingdom values, believing that we are supernatural royalty as God's sons and daughters, and able to extend the Kingdom. We live lives that are naturally supernatural, incorporating walking with the Holy Spirit in everything we do from study to gym workouts and our jobs. We believe a richness is found when we honour the diversity God created. God values beauty (evident in creation), so you’ll see beauty exalted at the School – beauty in the campus, beauty through art, literature, and even beauty through mathematical order. Creativity abounds at the School, including creative ideas in the way we teach, to students writing music or creating a business idea. Diligence is demonstrated as we pursue excellence in the work we do. Honour is also paramount, as we value men and women as sons and daughters of God, the way He made us. Our environment creates freedom where students have responsibility for continuing to reveal all that the Kingdom contains.

A Movement

In life, people don’t ‘graduate' from being part of the family and the same is true at the School. You’ll be graduating to join a revivalist movement. Many Bible college students struggle after study to find where they fit. School life will equip you to join past students and other revivalists to partner to change whole areas, cities and nations. You’ll find projects the School is running in missions in Australia and overseas that you can join. You can even birth your own ideas with people who share your values, who will encourage you, continue discovering with you, and can minister alongside, as you continue to develop your call.

We place special care on ensuring people you may minister with after your time at the academy have different skills to you, so that together you can create sustainable ministry. The School has a saying “no starving missionaries”, and when we combine our diverse skills to bring God’s Kingdom the fruitfulness He brings is more than enough!