The School is a free environment, guided by values rather than rules, so you’ll find great fun and encouragement, as well as responsibility and accountability, built into the culture of the School.


We say that honour is the good soil that manifests the deeper things of God. We have a strong worship culture at school that honours the presence of the Holy Spirit. We also honour His presence outside of worship sessions in the way we conduct ourselves, as living sacrifices. You’ll see students honouring each other, encouraging and supporting one another, which contributes to the corporate blessing that comes from unity.

A day without laughter is a day wasted
— Charlie Chaplain

We find you can learn as much from dancing with joy as you can from reading about identity, and laugher can soothe the soul and propel us into new realms of hope! So we try to have as much fun as possible, and students quickly get to know each other, becoming a tight-knit community. The School is an environment where students feel safe to be themselves, try out the new skills they have learned, and give up what they fear to lose, to see breakthrough and growth in their lives. This joy and trust are a must for later mission trips!

We also have a strong culture of faith. Our students take God literally when He said seek and you will find. We are bold in belief, so we look in new places and try new things to help us discover more of God. We step out in faith when we shop for groceries or go out for dinner, praying for people as we go, releasing healing or giving prophetic words. With so many people believing together you can’t help but think anything is possible with God!


School instructors greatly believe in the students they accept to study, and so they also believe you have great potential to achieve, and will challenge you to fulfill your potential. Expect to be encouraged, expect to be stretched, expect to be uncomfortable, and expect that your instructors will be with you every step of the way. Your instructors will be some of your greatest advocates, and as they get to know you they will help you to develop character, encourage you to make tough decisions, and in love call you up if you’re not performing as they believe you are capable. They want you to reach your goals sometimes more than you do!

Life-long Friendships

Amazing students of all backgrounds are expected each year at the School. We expect that as you honour each other and grow closer, you will develop lifelong friendships we hope you will continue in for years after study. As we bring together like-minded students, their diversity and commitment to each other bring a richness that honours us with a slice of what the Kingdom looks like. For this reason dating is permitted at the School, and in this environment of freedom we are responsible and accountable to each other.



We have a responsibility to each other as a community to act in a way that honours God and hosts the Holy Spirit’s presence well. Each student will have a small accountability group of three or four men or women to meet with regularly to journey through life and develop character. We also keep accountability with the School body as a whole. Unity commands a blessing, and so we are accountable to each other to steward unity well by acting honestly, transparently and confronting attitudes or behaviours that don’t align with our principles.


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We practice good stewardship by acting faithfully now in the way we behave when we study at the School. Diligence means we act with high standards in areas like attending class on time, submitting work of a high quality, taking initiative to learn, and using our time well to seek God in and out of class.

Class Size

Students study in large groups in lecture-style settings, as well as smaller practical ‘working groups’, ‘ministry groups’ or 'Revival groups' of approximately 15. ‘Mentoring groups’ are often based on interests or development needs so vary in size accordingly, and mentoring also occurs one-to-one for all students. Accountability groups are usually 3 or 4 members strong.